Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 July 2009

Tomorrow is the Amazing RHace (yes there is no typo)! Which had better be fun, since I've been through a whole lot of trouble to make sure I can attend the it, so much that I regretted signing up for it in the first place.

What happened was RHOC (Raffles Hall Orientation Committee) had organized a Senior's Camp event lifted from the American reality TV show Amazing Race, which has us racing all over Singapore 31 hours straight in teams of four, and one team would win $500, with is $125 each. We race overnight too! Sounds like a lot of fun I must say, though I seriously dread the physical aspects of the race. Oh, and the part that I'm not going to be brialliant at the mental aspect of it doesn't help much either.

I wasn't exactly enthusiastic over joining the event, but just put my name down because Jon was going too. And after signing up, I suddenly remembered that it was my turn to do Holiday Storage for hall on Friday evening. And it so happens that ALL my fellow RHOMers (RH Orientation Marketing) can't sub me on that day, or aren't sure if they could.

In the end I had to check on everyone unbashfully for two weeks straight before I found out just a few days ago that Winnie was around, and she was willing to sub me. I heaved a sigh of relief. There was allegedly a $300 dollar fine for those who pull out of the race! (Which means we have to be around at all the stipulated hours.) I know somehow or other if I pull out they won't end up fining me, after all it's not written down in black and white and I did not sign any contract regarding the fine. But still, it will be like ditching my other group members last minutely. I even tried asking Boss to step into my place before this, but he wasn't coming back to Singapore.

So now I get to join the fun! And enjoy the BBQ dinner, and the use of sponsored sun-tan lotion, and sponsored NEWater and all the facilties/food/reimbursement that RHOM sourced! And all the fun activities planned by RHOC too. I hope I'll still be able to move on Sunday. I still need to go to church!

Still I have this little nagging worry that I'll be the weakest link of the chain in the group, being the only girl. The rest (Jon, Jia Voon and Jerome), are all guys. Hmm. I have the tendency to worry about all these little details. Shall psycho myself not to worry and have fun :)

Crazy taxi is still my favorite flash game! I had a new high score this week. I tried those online detective games lately. Most of them started out really serious and all, but ended quite stupidly. Imagine a murder investigation that ends with a detective killing the mob gangster boss by throwing a crab into his shirt, causing him to fall out of the window to his death!

And I still feel like I like those coloring games a lot. I liked to play those games when I was a kid you see, those click and color ones. But I guess it must be because I copy out pictures for birthday cards too often - I seem to have lost the ability to color a picture independently!

Module bidding started this week, and everything went as smoothly as ever. I got all my modules for one point each, including my lab, which was the only thing that I might have to compete for. Now, if only studying for those modules were just as easy! I'm already stuck at all the lecture notes I was looking at and this semester's workload seems really, really bad.

Since I couldn't go on self-studying, I decided to make a weekly time table using Excel, all colored nicely, on when I should revise what and bla. Still, the time-table is bound to undergo major changes after the semester starts and hall activities kick in. They always mess up my time tables! And even if you've got the perfect time-table, the hardest part of all is actually following it!

I still love Pukka Ice Cream! Went there on Tuesday night, and there was a horrible queue there, a combined effect of Eusoff Hall OG (orientation groups) supper, and the free mix-ins on Tuesdays! Jon and I ate chocolate with brownie mix-in. It was a whole lot for just $2.50.

I have a very mixed feeling on orientations and the way they are carried out, but I guess that will make another post. If I'm even ready to blog about it.

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