Thursday, August 13, 2009

School - The First Week

I have gone through school so many times that the first week seems all so normal after all. I had my first lab, had new lab partners, new books, new lecturers and new modules. The modules this semester look so daunting. I hope I'll do OK in all of them.

Projects are back again, and after this fairly relaxed week, back we go again into that mad cramming, and mugging and trying to catch up with work. Tirza has had a hectic week, and seeing how disciplined she is in working and all, makes me feel that Chem Engin might not be so bad after all.

I'm having another new set of group members for my projects this coming semester - different from the previous ones. I think after these years I'm going to have had lots of experience learning how to work with different people, some highly motivated, while others need to be motivated. Thank God for providing me with group members again this time.

Hall activities are starting to come alive now, although officially nothing is finalized, and the JCRC aren't even elected. I can just feel that Raffles Hall is all boosted up with aspirations and spirit, and part of me really wants to contribute to all that. But looking back at my past not-so-good results (putting it mildly) and the 22 MC of modules to study this semester, I highly doubt that I would be one of the high spirited Rafflesians contributing to hall this year, despite the high CCA points I had last year.

There are always people to carry on the baton in hall, and it looks like the batch of high-spirited year 1's last year (now Year 2), are actively taking up various leadership positions and look well prepared to handle them. I hope this will be a good year for hall, even if it might not be for me, in terms of CCA points. Hopefully I would be able to contribute more to hall than I plan to, this academic year.

There will be this horrible procedure of the whole hall shifting their rooms somewhere in September, but then there's a new prospect of newly renovated rooms and toilets. New facilities! :) I hope it would be really worth it. I looked into the designs of the new rooms and found them quite similar to the old ones in many respects. Our current doors are a bit battered and old, but somehow they feel more homely than the newer ones, and are certainly much stronger too. And I prefer the old roofs to the new ones!

I finally fished my diary out of all my boxes some time ago and it was pure bliss being able to write into it again. I wonder if in this busy semester I might be forced to cut down blogging and fall back to diary writing alone instead. Hmm. But I'm sure I'll be around to blog still, even though the frequency may be much lesser :)

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