Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wai Pheng's Birthday

Yesterday was Wai Pheng's birthday. We planned a birthday surprise for her, but it didn't go exactly as predicted. Still the effect was good!

Abigail came to have dinner with us Rafflesians two weeks ago, and suggested a birthday surprise for Wai Pheng. We bought and made her presents! Then I was supposed to ask her out for lunch/dinner and the others would surprise her by suddenly coming out.

Just the day before yesterday there was change of plan. Abigail wanted to contact her boyfriend, Mark, to ask her out instead - then we'll suddenly appear out of nowhere. But it turned out that her boyfriend would be late from work, so the plan reverted to me asking her out. Then I had to tell Tirza who just came back to Singapore from home, and Jiun Ming of our last minute changes.

We asked Wai Pheng to meet Tirza and I at Coffee Bean, where the dinner was supposed to be. She didn't know where that was so we set out meeting place to be at Cold Storage instead. Jon and Abigail then suddenly decided to switch to somewhere else because all of us haven't had dinner, and it didn't do to have dinner at coffee bean. I was supposed to ask her to a certain Thai restaurant and Jon would direct me to it.

Tirza and I shopped in Cold Storage while waiting. There were no directions coming!! And Wai Pheng had already arrived.

"She's here" I texted Jon, after telling Wai Pheng we'd have dinner elsewhere.

"Ok... Coffee Bean then." Was the reply.

" I told her we'll be having dinner somewhere else!" texted me. Since I heard him mention some Thai place earlier, I had suggested Thai food to Wai Pheng, who knew where Thai Express was and was heading towards it.

" OK... Pho Hoa, 2 shops after coffee bean," came Jon's reply. Pho Hoa was a Vietnamese restaurant next to Thai Express. By the time I got this message, we were at Thai Express looking at the prices.

I felt instantly that Jon and I had zero chemistry.

I sighed inwardly, and glanced at Pho Hoa wondering how to direct Wai Pheng over there next. I suggested we go over to Pho Hoa to compare prices.

" OK, so we wait at Pho Hoa," texted Jon.

Pho Hoa was more expensive than Thai Express. Wai Pheng didn't want me and Tirza to spend so much money so she went into Thai Express instead. Giving up, I texted Jon and told him to come to Thai Express. Which they did! And we moved to a four seat table to a six seat one, because JM was coming later.

Abigail asked Wai Pheng to close her eyes and presented a 'cake' with candles in the shape of a heart.

This is what the 'cake' looks like with the melted wax in the middle.

And when it's lighted it looks like that!

The Thai curry was delicious! Pity we didn't take a picture of that. I want more but we can't eat this often as it is expensive.

We did, however, take a picture of ourselves. Thanks to the mirror everybody was in the picture. And Mark turned up later to join in the celebration too. Though we were quite tongue-tied in front of him, and him more so. =p

After having dinner, we got Wai Pheng a cake from Coffee Bean too.

It was yummy-licious! :D

After the cake cutting and cake-eating ceremonies, we headed for home. Simon happened to be in NUS when we were going to the bus stop, so he detoured to Holland V to fetch us back :)

Yay! Was so happy Wai Pheng enjoyed her birthday :) Thanks Campus for celebrating my birthday last Sunday too! I love the choc and green tea cake!


  1. Quote "I felt instantly that Jon and I had zero chemistry." LOL!@!@!@!@!@!@!!!!What a statement! Anyway, did Jon pass you my message?