Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the days roll by...

It's a typical NUS semester. Time passes so fast that before I know it it's end of week three.

Things I'm doing now:

1. Catching up with my readings! I'm trying very hard to understand my FYP readings, but I guess I can't go too far until I've actually seen and tried the work. My professor will be contacting me to start work soon. Hopefully I'll be ready to do it by then. I'm still not even half-way through the readings. The efficiency level is so low. I'm trying to catch up with my other readings and am doing OK so far. I wonder how it will be like once lab and project meetings kick in. The horrors ahead! It is better to remain at a state of bliss as of now.

2. IHG articles. Witnessed another winning match today when our table tennis girls played against KE7. It was so close, and I today was really a day of realization - I found that I actually, in a way, liked to do match write-ups, simply because it created a new shared experience between myself and the players. I'm always so very detached from the sports teams in hall, that I have almost nothing to relate with them at all (except hear Kasun talk about handball during labs). Now I'm putting down what they do on paper, and some of my own observations and thoughts too. Our hall sports is doing so much better this year - guess there'll be a severe problem of point inflation at the end of the year! But somehow I'm not that worried, though I should be, considering my passive involvement in hall the past sem, and this current sem.

I used to think team sports are those that show the most team spirit, and are most tactical and dangerous (people getting hurt and running around and all). I think that they are harder because they need the most stamina too. But after watching table tennis, I realized that non-team sports (table tennis, badminton, tennis, squash, etc) have their own form of challenges too. All eyes are on just you and your opponent and the mental pressure you face must be so intense, because all the responsibility of winning or losing rests on your shoulder alone. A lot of quick thinking and observation of the opponent's movements must be done throughout this period of tension too.

IHG writing is quite a new experience for me - it has brought about many thoughts. I guess we just need to keep on trying new things to have new insights in life, small as they may be.

3. Preparing keyboard lessons for Shan Qi. It's a band thing - we're supposed to teach and learn, and so far, I haven't really been sharing my knowledge, whatever little of it there is. I asked both him and Hwee Shan to give me some learning objectives they wish to achieve through whatever I teach them, and once again, Shan Qi didn't fail to impress me. He already knew what he was looking for, and stated those things in detail. His outlook and thirst for learning was so professional, it made me feel like I'm almost not worthy to be teaching him. While he strives for improvement as a keyboardist or pianist, I am complacent at the standard at which I am currently at. I guess this teaching experience would be one of learning for me, as I continually observe the attitude of my juniors, and realize what are the things that make one go far, and ultimately excel.

4. Bible study. Simon talked about the fall of the walls of Jericho from a very interesting perspective. Why did Joshua curse whoever rebuilds Jericho? Jericho being situated in a very strategic position -was extremely economical for Israel. It was even a gateway into Canaan. Its walls could fortify their defence, it's potential for trade could boost their wealth. It was their first claim from the land of Canaan before many others. Why was Jericho not to be used to Israel's advantage, not to be rebuilt?

Firstly, it was the concept of 'first fruits'. Joshua and his army presented Jericho as a sacrifice to God as a first fruit - giving Him the first and best they had, not using it for their own profits. Also it was a sign of faith - their dependence was on God, not on the walls or wealth of Jericho. Not on themselves, for they had nothing, all was from God.

I love the reminder of giving up the first fruits to God. Prioritizing is so hard, and it's often so tempting to keep the best time and best gains for myself, to study, to do hall activities, to make me one a person of better quality in so many ways. But God wants the first fruits, so that He can continue to bless. He deserves the first fruits, to be held in Priority Number One, for He is so much, yet no less than that. In relationships, in working life, in school life, in every aspect. No one else can claim the throne, nor rob that that belongs to him. I do hope that I'll bear this in mind and give God the first fruits, the most precious things I can offer - time, love and faith. Not to hall, not to men, not to my studies nor the hopes of anyone else. I pray that I can be able to do that.

5. Shopping. I just went grocery and stationary shopping. I love shopping because there are so many things to see, but even in a place as small as Clementi, I have to brace all my mind and will to clearly differentiate my needs and wants. Most of the time I succumb to some of my wants, but I make sure that whatever I buy is really cheap, and in a way it's what I need too. I guess I'll have to get ready myself for this especially in the first two years of working life. Budgets have to be small and tight, and only needs can be entertained. Save, save, save! :)

That's all for today. Will continue to update next week.

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