Monday, June 7, 2010

A Fun Weekend

I expected my last weekend to be rather boring without Jon around (because I usually spend the bulk of my day with him) =p, it turned out to be quite fun, thanks to food and games.

There was no Bible Study last Friday, so after dinner, I went swimming with Tirza; and later in the night, Jerome, Chompoo and Tirza and myself played Monopoly Deal in Chompoo's room, on her Minnie Mouse comforter. Chompoo is from Thailand, doing her PHD research here. She's very friendly, and appreciative of any help/company we offered her, and it was great to know a new friend during the hols, as well as catch up with old ones. That night was my n-th time teaching new players Monopoly Deal. I think if I'm out of work I'll just work in De-coders Cafe as an assistant to teach people how to play board games.

De-coders Cafe is a place where people go to play, buy and rent board games, and sometimes eat and drink too (depending on the package they are taking). This was where we went on Saturday. There were 6 of us: Tirza, Jerome, Boss, Wingmei, Jiavoon and myself. It was a hefty $8.80 for 4 hours, but it was super, duper fun, with a free flow of green tea, one of my favorite drinks! (This is the kind of holiday one spends when they are too out of funds to go overseas.) There were 6 of us, and rule-explanation took quite an amount of time, as well as taking turns, and tolerating stupid learner mistakes, hence we couldn't play too many games. But I'm happy to learn new games this time round, and play my favorite Bang!

Since I'm such a fan of board games, allow me to briefly run through what the games we played were like. Bang! is a card game that properly balances luck, strategy and psychology. At the start of the game, each person is assigned an identity. In a cowboy duel setting, the Sheriff wants to get rid of the Outlaws and Renegade, and will win if he does, but loses if he accidentally kills the Deputy in the process. The Outlaws win if they kill the sheriff. The Deputy's duty is to protect the Sheriff and help him with his mission. He wins if the Sheriff does. The Renegade wants to be the next Sheriff in place and will only win if everyone else is dead. Only the Sheriff's identity is revealed at the start of the game, and that of the others only revealed when they are dead. On top of that all characters have special powers which are on character cards drawn at random, making each round of game play distinctly different from others since there are many identity-character- and number of player combinations. I love Bang!

On top of Bang!, which was the only game I knew how to play, we played Kill Doctor Lucky which Jerome won, and Munchkin which we didn't have time to finish. Kill Doctor Lucky is an interesting game where on the board there are 20 over rooms and corridor, and players move from room to room a step at a time while drawing a new card upon entering a new numbered room. The cards are weapons to kill Doctor Lucky (ultimate goal), or they enable the player or doctor Lucky to be transported to a specific room. Since Dr. Lucky can only be killed when 'no one is watching' from adjacent rooms and corridor, this requires some planning, with regards to the fact that Dr. Lucky moves round numbered rooms in sequence, and whoever is in a room he enters gets an extra turn. Munchkin is just a normal, rather self-explanatory 'sabotage' card game where anything can happen, and players depend on luck, negotiation, and probably a small amount of strategy to reach be the first to ascend from level 1 to level 10.

After De-coders all of us went to Queensway to have a huge dinner so I spent around $6 there. I felt quite broke after that, but the day out was so fun that it was considered well spent. Just have to tighten my budget this coming week. :X That's why I'm restraining myself from going out now.

After church on Sunday, Tirza, Boss, Rachel, Andrew and myself had lunch at Wafflestown (oh dear, I don't even remember if this is exactly the name). We had ice-cream waffle! Since three of us girls shared a 2-person portion the price of the meal was still within the affordable range. That's the advantage of going out with girls who have small appetites! I shared my lunch with Wingmei the day before too, and only payed $1.75. :) At night Tirza, Jerome, Ryan and myself walked to West Coast for dinner. The only thing that spoilt our meal was a rather mentally unsound man who was shouting at the closed soya drinks stall near to us, plus giving wild laughs and scary side-way glances toward us. We tried to eat and not catch his eye whenever he was too close to us. Ryan remarked that he concentrated so much on his rojak that he didn't get to taste it. :X It was rather funny when we looked back at the situation, but at that time we were quite scared of the man, though he wouldn't really do anything to us.

Yesterday night after dinner, we had another two more round of Monopoly Deal with Zhi Jun this time, her first time playing. She won the second game due to abundance of properties haha.

Compared to the previous days, I foresee the next few to be packed with hectic attempts to research and simulations for my FYP. After all, with all the charge-ups I had, it is only appropriate that they are followed with a reasonable amount of sweat and toil afterward. :)

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