Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I think I've been spending a lot + other thoughts

I think I've been splurging a bit lately.

Sometimes I spend a little when I feel that I need perks (meaning when I feel bored, or stressed). And now these' perks' come in the form of food.

Well at least it's not clothes and shoes and bags, but still, little things add up to a lot. I think I need a lot of self-control.

Sigh and lately all the FB messages and stuff on the internet, somehow or other remind me that I'm going to graduate soon! I will miss NUS. Yes I will miss this National Uni of Stress/Stairs or whatever you want to call it.

I already don't feel like a student (probably due to IA). I don't feel like continuing my final sem (welcome to Design Project and FYP Presentation). I don't feel like studying while job-hunting. And you know how fast the weeks zoom by. I'll be graduating in no time.

NUS has changed me in so many ways. Both for the better and the worse. I think both directions, equally. It has kind of stretched me a bit. But one nice thing about this place is it has such nice scenery and facilities. And RH is so nice, and my roomie is so nice T__T. I don't want to leave all those.

However, I know we have to say good bye to places, and people, and phases of life eventually. The world is not our home.

So I have > 6 months to prepare for the departure. Hopefully the transition would be smooth. I will miss this place so much!

To Wes who always wanted to come here - I think there's really not too big a deal about NUS. You can success and be at the top anywhere. Singapore has a way of robbing your values, and shaping your thinking in a way most profitable to the nation's economy, but probably numbing your social and emotional senses on the way. If you ask me again, I think it's better not to come here and remain the who you are. I'm happy to be here, but if I could choose all over again, I would have learned earlier to be resistant to all its negative kiasu influences that have pounced on me.

Once you lost yourself, it takes so much effort to find you again.


  1. yea we're graduating in no time...let's make the most of it... :p

  2. Hurhhh zjun i dun wan to grad T__T