Friday, October 8, 2010

The Month of Timelines

October is here, and so are projects, tests and a new direction in my research project.

Our HR project is finally getting in shape. Not that I've seen any write-ups come out yet, but at least timelines and job scopes are properly allocated, and finally, everyone has responded at least once to emails. All the administration and people-bugging aside, I actually quite like this project. (Maybe I'm biased towards all things HR because I liked the project I did last year too, which was HR-related.) If I get to choose a course all over again, I'll study business and major in HR! There's so many interesting aspects to it, and the applications seem nice too, especially in big organizations.

Still, I believe there's a purpose and direction with me being in Chem Engineering. And I especially know that somehow, the engineering 'sense' of studying has given me much more leeway to appreciate HR (and psychology related) articles, and the ability to be able to analyze situations, much more than if I had plunged into it right at the start in the form of an MBA degree.

Our group has 7 persons, a little too big to manage, but I take comfort that the project paper is only as long as one IA report of mine. If I can churn out an IA report in 2 days, this should be OK, except this requires much more thinking, reading and analysis; which I have already done much and enjoy too. (Love the other module readings as well.) However, many times my view points are rather biased towards what I have already learned, so it's good to appreciate what others' think too.

I had my first CA on Downstream Processing of Pharmaceutical Products. It wasn't good, but not too bad either. Was tricked by every question set. Sigh. The lecturer was pretty nice about our results though. And he does teach well. I like this module - a lot. And it sort of compliments my Industrial Attachment. I'm not directly involved in the manufacturing sections taught in the module, but at least I can relate to most things he talks about.

There's another term paper on the Downstream module to come, plus the submission and presentation of our HR report, and another test for Downstream. My report for Prof Lee is almost 'just started'. And I have something to do in hall too. I'm quite stressed now and have been sleeping late. It doesn't really affect my productivity, but it affects my temper. I'm very quick to feel impatient now. And I'm not the only person whose temper is getting worse. My impatience doesn't come out in the form of anger, but just... impatience. I walk as fast as I could back to school after work (for no reason), and get irritated by people hogging the right side of the MRT escalator, standing absolutely still, blocking the whole line of people behind, and the MRT song comes out and I know I'm going to miss the train. Although that just means another 5 min wait, it irks me somehow. Am really spoilt by Singapore's near-perfect transport system.

Oh, and I just found out today, that by the time reading week ends, all my exams will end too. (Usually my exam doesn't start until reading week is completely over.) That means one week less to study, but on the bright side, this work-and-study life will end over, and I can finally start sleeping early before going to work.

XJ came to Singapore for work the past few days, and I met him with Jon. I think he's actually more excited about meeting Jon than meeting me. =.= Oh well, people are naturally curious. :S So we met at Vivo City and had Soup Spoon for dinner, thanks to Andrew's promotion. XJ used to be my virtual friend, and he has evolved into a physical one now. I wonder how many more virtual friends I will get to meet. There's a whole bunch of them in Malaysia that I hardly communicate with now. And there's Wes in Philippines, who has been really kind in helping me disseminate my survey to his friends, up to the point it made me feel rather ashamed of myself for not always thinking for other people like this.S

Today during Bible Study, JM says the only way for us to always make the right decision is to make God the only thing that matters in our heart. I agree, so much. I have been too protective of myself to think of others over here in NUS. I have been really stingy over my time, and I still am. I can't get over it. But I hope through this reminder, God will grow bigger and bigger in my heart, and I'll invest my time in Him and in others more and more.

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