Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last round of CORS

This is the last round of CORS bidding for my module and for the first time, I file for graduation. Somehow ever since my departure from SP/Merck when my industrial attachment ended, I seem to just take these last times by the stride now. My last school-like semester is going to be punctured with job-hunting, accommodation-hunting, poster making and The Presentation. And of course, there's our final year activities in Raffles Hall.

I have one S/U left, and I do badly want to take one more UE. However, looking at my current workload, it would/might be better to dedicate more time to hunt for a job/place to stay instead, or learn something interesting that doesn't need commitment, since even an extra A+ from a UE can't move my honours up anymore.

So bye bye UE. And bye bye CORS. Bidding ends today for me.

And hello 2011. I'd always thought you've never come. For one, your coming means I (finally) end my formal education. And for another, you make me feel old, as you mark the coming of the second 'Rabbit year' that I'm conscious of.

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