Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Quotes To Share

Thanks Hue Wen for sharing via email. Just decided to do some short sharing with my view on some of them.

Sometimes we think we know best. But remember it is our Father in Heaven that looked down on centuries and centuries of men and the way they live. He designed our life and knows in what way it will be best for us. Ultimately life is not for our glory but His.

Hence the need for vigilance, vigilance, vigilance. Only those with oil in their lamps, only whose who are ready will be able enter the Kingdom.

Be not hasty to judge, for there is much about ourselves to be judged about. A reminder to self to control 1) words, and 2) thoughts of judgement towards others.

A place where God often shows His providence and causes man to turn to Him (and those who do will not find His promises empty). However, it would be best if God is not always treated as a last resort for the desperate. Again, reminder to self.

Those who preach/give advice carry such a burden. A reminder to self to live in what is taught to others. A reminder to self also, to be less judgmental towards those in a position to preach - as it is always not easy to live it up.

Always true, even in the darkest and driest of spiritual grounds.

True again - sometimes I think He even disqualifies the qualified so that when He works through them, His glory will shine instead.

In fact, a rough passage is promised. Without molding how is the potter's clay shaped?

There are people who like to question all the time. I just believe that eventually, the answers will come themselves, and we shall be satisfied.

This quote is pretty cute. There are no coincidences.

Yes, and I should be bigger than who I am now.
Or my version of this will be: you know how big a person is when you know who he depends on.

Nothing that cannot be accomplished; even defeats are meant for a purpose.

Be thankful, under all circumstances, for all this is not coincidence, but grace.

Prayer is not just about meeting needs, it's an opening to see how to meet more needs.

Or there will be a resounding crash.

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