Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Recess Week

Half of my recess week is officially gone; but it's my awesome-mest Recess Week ever! Most well-spent (albeit relatively academically unproductive, ops), in my opinion. The best-est part is there's no mid-terms looming at the end right after.

Random pic before moving to the Budget Terminal

We went to Genting from Saturday - Sunday, for our so-called Grad Trip. To save time we flew from Changi airport, so CY, Jon, Tirza, ZJ, and myself over-nighted there (thanks Simon for fetching the three of us). SY was sick so the remaining 4 (SY, WenQiao, Jerome, Shereen) cabbed over around 4 am to catch the 6 am flight. This was my first time taking a plane, and to me over-nighting at the airport was part of the excitement. After two games of Monopoly Deal (ZJun won the first game, and I won the next); Tirza and I decided to try to sleep but we ended up staying awake in most uncomfortable positions instead. In the end we had a few more simple card games. Couldn't sleep the rest of the flight-wait too. :(

We had breakfast in Old Town and took a van up to Genting. I finally managed to sleep somewhat in the van, though it was a very light sleep. Was forced to wake up during the winding uphill trudge in the van to stop myself from feeling nauseated (it's better if you look at the road while it's turning). When we reached Resort World the temperature was awesome. The Singapore heat was so bad that we were all gradually falling sick (in fact a few of us were still sick in Genting). We couldn't check in so we went for the rides first.

We were queuing for the Cyclone here.

I shall not narrate the rides one by one. We were surprisingly alert while taking all of them and there were a few rides which I tried for the first time. i.e. Cyclone, Pirate Ship, and Spinner. Everyone took Corkscrew except me though. And Jon, Tirza and Shereen braved Space Shot (Tirza actually went for a second round). I guess maybe I'll try Corkscrew the next time around. :p I do have a phobia for heights and weird feelings in my tummy and such. I did photo jump shots for the first time too... and kind of failed horribly with all weird jumps that resulted in my feet hardly lifted off from the ground. Of all the rides, I would say the Rolling Thunder Mine Train is still my favorite. It's tame enough yet not boring. Bumper boats was kind of fun when you get the hang of the boat, but it got me a sunburn.

Girls can be messy too. ZJ emphasizes that she slept on the couch, and that is neat.

The hotel room was nice :D This is our girls' side. There were 6 of us so three of us had to sleep on the floor (me, Zaza and Shereen). The guys had the next room where Jon & CY slept on the bed, and Jerome on the floor in a sleeping bag. We went around the arcade at night. Didn't get to win anything from the games, but later on they got Hazel (see 3 pics below) with the help of a random girl who didn't want her points. She is officially Zjun's.

The next day was rather free and easy. Played Monopoly Deal in the morning and took random pics here and there. The highlight of the day was probably meeting Almond. He's the cutest dog I've ever seen so far. He behaves exactly like a baby when carried, but a baby that is a cross between a teddy bear and a dog, with nice curly fur. I'm not a fan of dogs, but I think this one was very nice! It was obedient too! And the owners let him play with us.

Cute lor this dog.

So cute he deserves a group pic with us.

So after a very fun grad trip (descriptions from lazy bloggers like me do the trip no justice), and a bak kut teh lunch (for most of us), and some more lame games; we took a 8 hour bus trip back to Singapore (except Tirza and Shereen who went home first). The trip was that long because we were stuck at the customs. And by the time we reached hall it was past midnight. End of grad trip :((

Final hotel group pic on bed. Hazel is between SY and ZJ (the tiny yellow bunny).

Tuesday was fun too because Ah Gong & Po Po were in Singapore (for her checkup), so Jon & I had lunch with them. We had bak kut teh and Ah Gong ate his third round of 猪脚 much to Po Po's chagrin. We were all stuffed. Then Ah Gong joined me and Jon for a little Fairprice shopping trip in Clementi. Apparently condensed milk is no longer sold in Malaysia (???!!!), so he's stocking up for the whole of the year.

And just now (9 pm - 12.30 am, Wed), I played board games with Eehiang, Jerome, Jon & Tirza. (Need I emphasize again how much I love board games?) We played the only three games that were really fun among RH's board game's collection. The miners (everyone except Tirza) won the first game of Saboteurs; Jon & I won Bang! as Sheriff and Vice Sheriff; and EeHiang won the last game Ticket to Ride (my first time trying this game!), whereas Tirza had the longest road. Must play again :D

So as a result of all this fun, I am supposed to pull an all-nighter with HYSYS after completing this blog. Well, it was fun when it lasted. :D Thank God for the wonderful first half of the week.


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