Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Academic Week in NUS

This is my last academic week in NUS - if not taking into account Reading Week and Exam Week(s) that follow.

My last class/tutorial ended this afternoon. It was Enzyme Tech. I think I learned lots from this module and although it could be a bit monotonous at times, the lecturer is generally interested in teaching well and providing value-added info on top of what we are studying. It's lecturers and teaching staff like this that I appreciate most and learn from the most.

Tomorrow - in fact today morning will be my final presentation in NUS. Hope we won't get shot down by the professors too much :) After that I will officially conk out as I won't be sleeping tonight.

I may graduate with a not-so-good honors but I don't think I regretted coming to NUS and wished to stay back in M'sia if I could have gotten a better CAP. I wouldn't have been stretched to this extent if so. I've worked with so many different people and learned from them, learned how to manage people, learned how to adjust expectations from people. Sometimes the academic environment is so dry and competitive that if grace and helpfulness and generosity were dew it will dry up under its harshness. Maintaining these values is so difficult when no one sees, no one cares, no one bothers; and in the end it costs you your grades, your time. I haven't been showing enough of this as I should. But I will learn to show them more.

Had my last performance with Quan in RH during Alumni Homecoming for Music Ensemble. We played You Raise Me Up (I played this with Jinq Horng last year). The key changes - D flat to E flat to E majors were horrible. But playing with a clarinet solo was a new experience, and Quan is quite interesting to duet with :) Fortunately we did OK. I wonder what will happen next time when I move out, and there's no more piano.

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