Friday, April 22, 2011

Speech is not free

There are stuff that I would blog about at the spur of the moment, but then again, they are stuff that should be kept in a diary, or maybe not to be kept at all.

You may say: speech is free, it's my blog and I'd blog what I like in it, and it's up to you to read it or not. But certain things, once read, have irreversible effects, and I'd rather those effects not go out at all. It's not so free after all. Someone has to pay an emotional debt sometimes, and since I've already paid my part, there's no reason why the debt has to go out to others too.

Anyway all emo-ness aside:

1. Tomorrow is my first paper for my final semester's final exams. My aunt brought chicken soup for me again and even made extra for Jon. Super nice of her :)
2. Wayne visited Jon & me and hall this morning/afternoon. Can't believe after spending 2 hours with him the next time we'd meet would be at least a year away. But at least we get to meet.
3. Political sentiments are on the rise on Facebook and in the social media. And I haven't registered to vote. Which makes me feel pretty useless as a Malaysian.

You might think all those students who are studying overseas like us have no sentiments towards the country. Yes maybe towards an extent we feel helpless and eventually develop a hands-off attitude. I am no longer (that) concerned about who gets what percentile of the economic pie. That is a question that can never ever be answered without people getting hot and bothered over it. But what I feel REALLY unhappy about is that even when obvious tyranny is going on and our taxes are being exploited to prosper a select few, there is NOTHING we can do about it to protest. Nothing beyond liking certain statuses/pages. Even votes are sabotaged.

The cost of living is rising. And so is the nation's debt. I wonder when there will be a really big economic crisis, and our country will bankrupt without us knowing it. And when, and will, youths who really love the country stand up and run for leadership positions. And whether it will be worth their while doing it. It puts everything at risk for them if they do - even their lives.

Such sentiments are rising in Singapore too, but so far it is still under control. I wonder how long this will last as well.


  1. Well, one could start a revolution... But we should always try other alternative first, like independent inquest, judiciary system, etc.

    But considering even the judiciary system is _indirectly_ under the control of the executive government, yes, this is a tyranny, and the only way to solve it is by cunning persuasion or revolution.

  2. "It's my blog and I'd blog what I like in it", this is not true for a person that wants to keep good relations with other people. I learnt it the hard way. =)

    No comment on the political stuff. One question though, you getting a 1Malaysia email? =P

    And good luck on your exams!!! =P

  3. Err what would I do with it in Singapore? LOL no bills to pay leh. Thanks for the well wishes!