Thursday, November 10, 2011


Just thought this date was rather significant. Looks like one a programmer might like. And I officially have no work today. Because yesterday I was on noon shift (101111 - oh look, another programmer-philic date), and I'll be on night shift next so technically it's the next day (121111).

But it's still another day like all other days. :)

I regret to say I haven't been doing much with my life lately except read tonnes of story books. I've even procrastinated answering my cousin's tutorial question which has been in my inbox for about a week already. :S

One knows one has read way too many Agatha Christie stories when one could predict most of the time 'who dunnit', AND the motive too. Trust me, she has a way of making murderers obscure by either making them too obvious, too likable, or too unnoticeable. She's an awesome story teller, really fleshes out characters well instead of merely going on with the plot. That's why I read her stories for the human element, as well as the mystery element.

Another book I've been interested to read lately is 那些年,我们一起追的女孩, mainly because the movie is heavily promoted in most MRT stations now, and it has received many good reviews particularly in Taiwan (not to mention it has very nice theme song). I'm not really interested in the movie (this type of romance doesn't go down too well with me, I like romantic comedies more); but the book should be interesting. I like the way how good Chinese authors write stories such as this: there should be many delightful quotable quotes.

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