Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of Doing and Re-Doing Work, and of Hugs

So today in lab I realized at the end of shift that I have to start re-doing from scratch (or almost) the things I've done for the past two days.

It is not a nice feeling. But I realized that this is a feeling that I haven't been experiencing for quite some time (whereas in university it was something that I went through ALL the time for projects). So in a way I guess, I am very fortunate! Top it all with awesome team mates who help and encourage you to pull through. It makes everything OK, or more than OK.

It's PQ's last night shift today, then she'll be transferred to Tablet (which is another branch from my site, a bus ride away). I knew PQ through my orientation in Merck -  because then she was new too. I liked her as well as her sister - PQ was friendly, cute and happy; her sister was also kind and willing to talk to me. And when I was in new to the lab she was very helpful to me as well. Will miss her presence during handovers :(. But we might see her sometime or other during bus-waiting sessions or maybe during training sessions!

Will miss SJ too who's attached to our team for one month, and has boiled us barley water today. People can be so nice at work! And although there are always small things to grumble about - there's always tonnes and tonnes of things to be happy and thankful for. I love my job! And I'm really thankful for it because in a way I know that I only obtained this post circumstantially, or by grace. I love the things I learn, the things I do, the people I work with. The only sad thing is this shift timing is killing my social life (and maybe my health in the long run), so I don't see myself staying in the job for too many years.

Anyway with regards to the 'hugs' portion of the title. Apparently NUS now has this wonderful red can dispensing machine that looks a bit like a coke can except the words on it is 'Hug Me'. And if you do, a free coke drops out! Argh why don't people hug this machine all day. And why didn't they have it during our days in NUS, why why why? Of course if it's free I guess the cans are going to be super limited, so will have to go hug right before they top up... But it's a really awesome machine to exist especially right before exam and reading weeks!

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