Thursday, March 13, 2014

Steadfast and Unceasing

The steadfast love of The Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to am end. They are new every morning, new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness O Lord, great is Thy faithfulness. 

Our scripture exhortation during worship service last Sunday was taken from these verses in Lamentations, and how greatly they comforted my heart. Even now after almost one full week when MH370 remains missing and chances of survival for those on board dwindle to almost nil, I still recall these verses and draw comfort from them, for they are truth. Written in a time when Jerusalem was under seige, when people starved, the city plundered, the women raped, mothers killing eating their own babies just to survive another day; it is near miraculous how the prophet Jeremiah summons up enough faith to say: God is steadfast in His love, His mercies are unending.

I will not hypocritically pretend that I am that affected by the plane incident since I am not so personally close to this brother from church on the fight. But my heart does grieve for him as part of the church, and for his family members and relatives whom I know personally. Many of them has just encouraged me so much by how they have not lost hope and by their proclamations of faith. 

But I do need more than men's actions and emotions to be truly encouraged. Just like how positive quotes on Facebook can only affect you as much as you believe in them, I refuse to ascertain anything cooked up by the mind of man deserves to be absolutely believed in. True, some of them may be truth, but most are just positive thinking and based on emotions. I want the absolute truth, which is not only just truth, but gives life as well. And this only comes from the Word of God.

And that's why when people told me it's impossible to realize Biblical 'theories' practically in their lives, I feel sad. Because if you can't hold on to truth and believe in its life saving and life changing grace and power, what else can you hold on to? It's either because you don't believe it, or you won't believe it. Either way, it shows how it is not important to you, to not let go of the restraints holding 'you' or your emotions back from it. To take that truth in your heart and believe in it. And how can a person not be lost unless they are grounded in what is certain and what is true?

And therefore I hold on that no matter the circumstance God is sovereign, His love unchanging, He is merciful, and nothing can seperate His beloved from Him. Amen.

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