Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Married and beyond

So last month I stepped into part 2 of my life whereby the whole of my identity changed. At the same time I transferred out from my shift lab to the day lab too, so somehow everything felt like a new start.

I guess I couldn't have married without the help of many others, especially my sisters. Jon and I were touched by so much love shown to us by our families, relatives and friends. From the progression of the weddinng, dinner, to gifts and angpaos received, I just felt that we were so unconditionally loved, so much that it truly exceeds my capacity to repay it back. Thank you.

Two becoming one is really easier said than done. Even though we have known each other for years and even stayed in the same place, it takes a whole lot of effort, especially on my part to communicate and serve one another. Our temperaments are so different and so are our experiences in life.

Someone asked me if being married or being in a relationship is a spiritual experience, and how do you know that person is 'the one'. I think being married is the most practical and realistic experience you could ever have. And that person automatically becomes 'the one' once the marriage vows are said! The conflicts and the sacrifices are somewhat painful to make, but they are the most 'spiritual' in marriage when they become steps of obedience. We are still learning and have a long way to go.

Work is ok so far. I had some difficulties with my tests, and my annual leave conversions were messed up, but I am blessed with new colleagues, who went of the way to give me a sense of belonging, both the seniors and juniors. I hope I can contribute and learn much in my new working environment and hopeful establish strong friendships. 

That's all for now. I am so lazy to blog nowadays. I hope I continue to do so more :)

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