Thursday, May 28, 2009

Results and Expectations

Results are out and they are really unexpected. Those that I could have done better in I didn't do well (except the one that cannot be saved anyway), and I didn't know that I had to use an SU this semester. Anyway, I was thankful I checked my results on time. If I just confidently let it be, I will be whacking myself or something at the end of the sem haha. On the other hand I didn't do as badly as I expected in some of my other modules. Overall it was better than the last two semesters, but my CAP dropped all the same. Anyway thank God for the results. Another motivation to buck up next sem.

Everything is so uncertain, with the economy crisis and all, but this holiday has somehow brought me to realize that it is sometimes my own expectations that are pushing me down. I have learned to let go after struggling with my ego - and somehow, I had learned even more to just do my best and be satisfied in my studies, and let God do the rest, including plan the rest of my future. I don't know if I'm not cut out for this course or something, but I'm happy to be where I am, and everytime when those clouds of doubt come in, I just have to focus on His promises for providence to shoo them away. The future is such a big thing, with such uncertainty. But God is the Rock of the Ages, He is ever the same.

Oh yes, after moving to blogspot, I realized that my entries are terribly long. I didn't know they were that long, they looked much shorter over there. Do note that this new blog is still under construction until whenever I please. :p

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