Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PJ Trip Part I

Went to PJ with Dawn (my sister) these few days. Took some silly pics with my phone but have to wait till I'm back for it to be uploaded (provided D doesn't delete too many of those unglam pics of herself). Hunny came too.

I slept on a mattress on the floor with a nice squishy pillow and Biddy, who is almost like a pillow herself. She's this nice round pig belonging to Dawn. I like Biddy, she's nice to hug, squeeze and irritate Dawn with. Dawn, on the other hand, is obsessed over Hunny, my Carebear.

We Dawn's place in the late evening on Sunday so didn't have time to go anywhere. Dinner was an event worth remembering though. I never waited over an our in a cafe just for a plate of fried rice (which we shared).

The next day, XJ treated us for lunch. After that we went shopping at 1Utama. Brought a blouse, jeans and shoes. Dinner was fun. It was at this place called Bar B Q and it was both steamboat and bbq in one. Dawn went home empty handed for once. She said it was alright as the next day she was sure to come back with lots of things. According to her, no girl comes back empty handed from Times Square and Sungei Wang Plaza. Those were the places we visited yesterday.

So yesterday we set off to Times Square and Sungei Wang, and shopped the whole day. I never shopped so much (as in brought so many things) before. And surprisingly Dawn came back empty handed too! Maybe I just wasn't her shopping buddy, she said. In the end she brought a few hair accessories to pacify herself.

Dawn is in class now and we're going to Midvalley later. :) Somehow I still prefer the public transport in Singapore by far. It's faster, cleaner, and most of all, you don't have to worry so much about your safety when you go around in unlighted areas at night. But oh well, this shopping experience has taught me one more thing. Clothes and food are SO MUCH cheaper in Malaysia! I have a good mind to convert all I spend in ringgit over there so that I can cut down my expenses a little bit more.

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