Friday, June 12, 2009

An Update for Tirza

Tirza said I don't blog much lately, so here's an update for her. Actually, I did update - once every two days! But then again she's right in a way - I do blog much lesser now, since last semester. Somehow the drive for blogging isn't quite there.

I deleted a whole long passage I was typing. I'm quite protective when it comes to blogging and I believe certain private issues should be left to the diary or private blogs (well locked up). Ranting can prove to be dangerous and might lead to explosive catastrophes, if not attended to properly.

Sigh. Dear diary. I miss you. Why is it that you're always in Singapore when I need you?

Anyway, on other news - I'm bringing back a new laptop this semester! It's newer, has a smaller screen and is lighter. I think it's quite cute. It has much more storage space too. My Dad helped me install MATLAB into it, and without thinking much, I asked him to put in the entire games of the GameHouse collection in my comp at home into it too. Now I kind of regret doing that. Might prove fatal during stress-periods.

Tsai Sheng is coming back to Tampin next week. He just has to come back from Russia at this time of the year, just in time for me to miss his coming back! This is so irritating.

I'm going back to Singapore next Monday for Orientation Marketing work - which, I don't have a clue of what I'm supposed to do after I'm back. I hope Float materials aren't too hard to source for. Last year, Zhi Jun spent so much time just looking for buttons, and those paper cups took practically forever. As for the blue sponge, which I was in charge of, it turned out to be shockingly expensive. And you would think sponge is something really cheap to acquire. But worst of the worst was the dry leaves. We gathered two big bags for them (mind you, it wasn't easy, bending down and collecting, and choosing nicely shaped leaves all around the hall compound), but in the end they didn't use it! On top of that, all our nights were spent looking for bottle caps.

UFO 4 is on 13 July, and to Malaysian NUS seniors to want to help out (from RH), please let me know, so that I can plan out something for hall helpers. There won't be freshies from RH this year, but then, we might need to help out freshies from other halls. I don't think they will need too much help this year though. It seems like hall seniors are getting more and more involved in MSL as the years go by, which is a good thing.

Guess I'll end my blog here today. Don't worry, Tirza, maybe I'll be so bored back in hall that I will blog as frequently as I did last year.

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