Monday, June 8, 2009

Youtube Delight

I don't know what came over me but I've been you-tubing quite excessively these few days. And found a few gems along the way, although they may be really outdated.

First, I was addicted to the Les Miserables musical. I know it's a little too late to be all over this now, when it's been out such a long time ago, but still, you can't help that 'wow!' feeling when you come across nice things in Youtube when you least expect it. The songs in there are superb. I love At The End of The Day for its strong musical background. The singing is grand too, hitting all the high notes and bringing out the atmosphere just as it should be.

The other songs were wonderfully nice too. I love them all! The one that really touched my heart was A Little Fall of Rain, where Eponine sang right before she died. You need to really know that part of the story to appreciate the song. In a nutshell, Eponine died trying to save Marius whom she loved - she blocked a gunshot for him and was fatally wounded. Marius loved Eponine as a best friend, and was in love with Cosette (who is the main character of the story, more or less). Anyway the song is song by Marius and Eponine as a duet where Eponine died in Marius' arms.

I do love Eponine in the musical! So do many others, in fact I think she's prettier and sings better than the actress who acted Cosette. And the whole thing about her makes the musical so much more saddening because she died in unrequited love - yet she was so contented.

I found other songs like Memory in Cats too - though I knew of that during Choir days thanks to Shu Shan (I never bother to find out these things on my own LOL). Les Miserables was 'discovered' due to Andrew's earlier recommendations in the semester.

Somehow or other I decided to watch a Disney Movie yesterday night and picked on Sleeping Beauty. There and then I had the shocking revelation that Mable had never watched Sleeping Beauty before - as far as she remembered! Poor girl - for once I feel that my childhood is way more complete than hers, haha. Anyway, it was a nice movie to watch - you only appreciate the humor of the fairy godmothers and other little quips like 'This is the 14th Century, Father!", after you've grown up. When I was a kid I only took things as they were. I just finished watching Hercules today too.

Ooo, and heres one thing I always want to mention but never do - I adore the Three Investigator series! They are simply lovely to read - even after so many years. Haha, that was random but I just wanted something to close off this blog entry.

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