Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Procrastinated Post: PJ Trip Part II

OK, here's part II of the PJ trip, complete with pictures.

After shopping at Sungei Wang and Times Square for one whole day (refer to part I in the previous post), I had a good rest in the next day for the shopping spree began a little later than usual. Dawn had a late day in school and by the time she was back it was dinner time. I joined her Christian Fellowship in UTAR for dinner. After that we went to Midvalley to shop. By the time we reached Midvalley it was already past 8 p.m. So you could imagine how we rushed when we toured the place.

Some pictures in Midvalley:

Teh Tarik Man at the door entrance. Dawn dragged me to take a pic with him as soon as we got in. Charming, is he not?

Dolls in front of an already-closed shop. Could imagine how late we were then.

Fluffy toys being sold. We sneakily took pictures of them (hence my funny expression), since we reckoned the sellers won't really like it.

We had ice-cream at Baskin' Robbins too. Dawn had chocolate mint (as usual) and mine was apricot mixed with white chocolate or something. It had some complex name that I had already forgotten. Too bad we didn't think of taking pictures with those and messed around with soft toys instead.

Pictures of previous days: Nandos Dinner at Sungei Wang.

These two pics above are of us taking silly photos until the food came. We did a range of expressions. You could check out the whole selection in Dawn's facebook photos. My photos were decidedly worse because they were saved at the first take. Dawn deleted most of her previous photos and had around 3 takes before she proclaimed them decent.

This is another picture of the food we had. The drink is Coke (unlimited refill). The refill somehow became Ice-Lemon Tea though.:S

Emo Dawn tired after a walk in Times Square. This particular photo comes in a range of colors as well. To know what I mean, view her Facebook photos. The bag in front of her contains doughnuts. Again, I didn't think of actually taking a nice picture of those doughnuts. And the doughnuts accompanied us for 5-6 hours in the remainder of our shopping spree.

This picture was taken at 1Utama - the place called Bar B Q in my previous post.

Happy-me with funny expression. My pictures always turn out weird somehow.

Happy Dawn with normal expression. See, she always takes better pics then me. :(

Yes, yes, Hunny came too. Dawn has adopted her as a daughter. She told me she ate a little and drank some soup. :S

This is how you cook the food. Interesting, isn't it?

And here's what we ate between us. There was unlimited refill of green tea too.

This was my comfy mattress on the floor which I slept on throughout the stay. Biddy (the nice round pig there) is as good as a pillow herself. She's fallen from Dawn's graces somehow (by being too boring I suppose), and Hunny is now the new pet.

Yes this is Hunny. Cool Hunny, though she might have sore ears at the moment.

Another picture of cool Hunny, with Dawn's purchase of the day - her Strawberry bottle!

There - the job in done. The PJ Trip Narrative Series is over! :)

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