Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Am Happy :)

I met Farid today. Didn't really expect the meetup! He's doing his FYP now and we had lunch together. Or to put it properly, we met for his lunch, because my breakfast was not too long ago. I never talked this much with Farid before! It was such a nice long talk, mainly me gabbling away. Wonder if it's because I haven't seen him for really long, or because I was a little upset in the morning. It's a pity Farid's not going to be in hall anymore. I miss those jamming sessions. The best thing I liked about him when he was CME MM was he gets along with everyone, and can play with almost anyone - no matter how good or bad you are as a player. And he finds it very easy to like songs too (unlike me).

Facebook has this game Crazy Taxi that is my new favorite. It's nothing much, just gliding along, jumping over cars (why do taxis jump?). But it's so much fun! I like the part that I don't have to do much with it. Is there a game where I can just speed a car along a track and turn it without having to jump through obstacles or anything like it? Unfortunately there isn't. There's only this fishing game which I find quite boring, but it was the only playstation game that Dawn consents to play because it's not exciting at all! Sighs.

Ohhh, thanks to Irene, Jon and I had a new discovery. There's this Pokka ice-cream shop along the same row as Fong Seng (NUS peeps MUST know FS), that sells really huge ice-creams! We had two big scoops and a homemade waffle cone for just $4.50! And it was so huge that it was almost a meal on its own. And there are free toppings on Tuesdays! (*hints) I have a pic of me with the ice-cream in my phone. Will upload it later - though part of me regrets to do so because I look stupid in the picture. Sigh. But good things must share. I just wish I didn't look as blur as I did in the pic.

I found three blogs today - some youth from GLCC I know: Patricia, Melody, Michelle (all with marvellous voices). They are really lovely blogs! And I'm glad that there are teens in church today who are actually on fire in making decisions for God, and living for God! I love the passion I saw in the words. It made me quite ashamed of myself, actually. I don't really like churches that preach to much on emotions and highs passions - but I love to see it burn in lives! And I pray that the fire would move to mine too. That is what really made my day. :)

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