Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long-Due Blog and Photos

It's been a long time since I last blogged.

Since then my new roomie has moved in - a year 1 going year 2 civil engineering student, Yiqiao, from China. Very nice girl. She's my fifth roomie since I came to NUS. Tirza you're going to be the sixth! I always get the nice roomies. Hehe.

Also, I went for my first OMC collection last week. It rained, so Yi Shiean and I lunched in a hawker center in Bedok while waiting for the rain to subside and for Shu Yun to come. We had only one item to collect the CD's for Float. At first I wondered if it was a little too much for THREE of us to do that, but later it proved to be very necessary. The CD's were really heavy and there were two big cartons of them. They gave us trolleys to push them downstairs so we did and called a cab.

When the CDs and us reached hall, I called the ever-gentlemanly Yuan to give us a hand with CDs together with another guy. We learned from them that they were actually going to break them apart to use parts of them for the shiny effects. All of us felt a pang in our hearts! All the CDs were brand new, each in a box (that explains the heaviness), and each box wrapped with plastic! Ah well, but the company didn't say we couldn't break them up. And I did ask them for used CD's.

Went to Wai Pheng and Wayne's convocations on two different days. Funny how they belong to different faculty's but have the same convocation gown-colours. In NUS we have different colors for convocation gowns from different faculties. So far I only attended Justin's last year, and this year Wai Pheng and Wayne's. All of them wore gold! What a coincidence.

My hair is messy in both pics :( But anyway it was a good thing we had chance to come to Yeh Yeh and Da Jie's convocation and take pics with them. I almost missed Wayne's! I thought it should be in the afternoon where as in fact, it was in the morning.

Oh yes, there are photos from of the big ice-cream I should have uploaded last time. As I told you, the ice-cream picture of me looked really awful. And Jon said I could upload his instead, (evidence in the chatb0x), so here goes:

Okay, the ice-cream looks small from here but actually it has been eaten a lot by then. Just imagine if he lowers it and holds it by his face - and it's stuffed all the way down with two flavors - coffee and cheesecake! It's a little longer than his face.

After a whole year (or so) of the opening of Botak Jones in Clementi - I made my first trip there.

I was smarter this time. Focused on the food and not my face - so I could actually put up pictures without worrying. This big meal fed Jon and I nicely - totally $9 something from both of us.

I got another book of Hercule Poirot's short stories from the library - Agatha Christie's marvels. I prefer short stories of hers to novels, because the suspence ends quickly. I don't like stories with suspense to drag too long you know. LOL. And this book is really thick! It's lovely to have so many short stories to read, one after another, each one as wonderful as the one to come! I think I prefer Hercule Poirot to Sherlock Holmes. On the other hand, I do not like Miss Marple (Agatha Christie's other detective character), as much.

This is all I'm going to write for today. I have more thoughts but I'll save them up for next time!

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