Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles

When I was young I played with jigsaw puzzles a lot. Those wooden pieces where you just fit them into the board and if it's the right piece, the picture clicks.

Recently I have been playing with jigsaw puzzles too, but they don't need to be cleared up. I have this set of games inside my computer and I can pick a picture to play with any time I want - and even adjust the difficulty of the game. As before, I prefer playing with more 'cartoon like' jigsaws, because actual photographs and scenery are quite hard to do.

I was bored, so I wiki-ed 'jigsaw puzzle' to find out that some puzzles were in 2D or 3D version. That is so beyond my reach.

Somehow all this jigsaw playing reminds me of the Archi Boy's (Thierry's) blog name: Pieces of Me. Especially since he updated quite recently. The first thoughts this name brought to me was that it sounded very much like a shattered glass, then I connected the words to a jigsaw. Then I felt it had very much to do with archi models too, for my (very crude) impression of them were pieces of cardboard and stuff stuck together.

I don't know where my blogging direction is going to, but I'll just have faith and follow the my train of thoughts as I type. Come to think of it, I haven't blogged like this for some time. Usually I sit down with a set of thoughts, and expand them one by one.

But today is different. Completing this blog entry is like doing a jigsaw puzzles without seeing all the pieces I have in hand.

Sometimes I feel that life is like a jigsaw puzzle too. Isn't this statement a little cliche? But that's the way I find it. Unpredictable. Sometimes you see an odd piece standing out, and wonder - how this funny little piece with its different color and texture will actually fit into the whole picture. As of now, it doesn't seem to match anywhere. Do you think these thoughts while doing jigsaws? I do a lot.

But later, the fun part is as you get along, all the oohs and ahhs! It fits, and now you know why it does! :)

(Hey, this blog jigsaw is turning out not too bad afterall.)

I do always think that life is like fitting pieces of jigsaw together. You get the right pieces and they click when you walk along the will of God. In marriage, in finding a job, in building relationships. And how do you know the will of God? We discussed this once a upon a time in Bible study. Just be obedient to God's Word, and you'll be walking along His will!

But there's one new question I'd like to introduce: Why does the jigsaw puzzle, which is originally a nice picture, has to be broken up, only to be built or restructured again?

Everytime I do cartoon jigsaws, I always think that this helps to improve my cartoon drawing, or copying. That's because when the big picture is all apart, to reconstruct it, I need to pay attention to the little details. If it's all there already, I just tend to casually view it as a big picture, as a whole.

I guess if life was not a jigsaw, we wouldn't really appreciate the little details. All those twist and turns that are already made known are no more exciting.

And I guess to some people, if a picture wasn't in jigsaw form, there would be nothing fun nor addicting in it at all!

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