Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21 July 2009

I haven't been updating much. I'm at home in Tampin now for a week. Would come back to Singapore by Sunday.

Quite a bit has changed after my being away for about one month. Daddy has bought a new car (that I yet have to ride in). We have a new washing machine. Everyone in the house seems to be in love with Jacob's biscuits. I am, now, too. :)

I went to my grandfather's house and weighed myself on the scales there to find that I have hit my lowest weight record possible. 40.1 kg. Thank goodness it's not 39! But still I suppose that means I have to eat more. But I think I have been eating more nowadays. I'm even having suppers now!

Hmm. Maybe I'll put on weight here instead.

I finally finished my thick book of over 50 Hercule Poirot stories. Lovely! If only I go through my textbooks at this speed, and with this amount of passion! I can't help stating again what a wonderful read these books of Agatha Christie are. The conceited Poirot, with his famous, curled mustaches that cannot stand the heat, he barges in and out of the most extraordinary mysteries and gets every one of them solved! All except for one during his early days.

I Youtube-d and found that there are Hercule Poirot movies adapted from his novel crimes too! And my, some of the lady actresses are most pretty! It's a great pity there aren't subtitles. The words they speak are a bit mouthed in. And the acting, I won't really say that it's spectacular. But for a fan who's true to the contents of the book, I don't think the movies actually disappoint. Unlike other stories that have been adapted into movies and parts of it here and there are being left out - somehow I think they managed to put in all the important details and leave out just the really minor ones.

I'll write more next time, it's time for dinner :) Ta.

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