Saturday, July 4, 2009

My First July Update...

... for this year. :)

These few days were almost the same - except for crashing into Andrew's meals twice in one week - or more accurately, Jon and I had the leftovers of the Andrew-gang's dinner. It was good, so no there's no questioning the quality of the main course, LOL. Had a nice pasta-meal dinner just now too with Jon and Jerome.

Went swimming a few days back and discovered some of my techniques makes me un-swim. In fact if you add them all out I wonder if I actually swum at all, or struggled in the water to hold myself back LOL.

I just finished watching the 6th episode of Star Wars. A bit late I must say, since they had been out so many years ago. I have a lot of thoughts regarding the series, and might share them later. I must say it was quite a nice watch - but some of the parts were rather sad. However, they managed to tie up everything on a hopeful note each time.

Oh, I had just been reading someone's recently-updated blog now and it really drives me geram that some people like to make small things big and big things small. =.= To you all who read this blog, do rest assured it's none of you because I'm sure all of you are matured enough handle small issues in life and not make it a disaster not just for yourself, but other people. Anyway, I'm glad that someone I know has already gotten over the 'friendship' with the anonymous character here. Clearly there's nothing to lose in this loss.

I'm going home on the 20th! I hope there are still tickets left. And Tsai Sheng will still be around so yay! I thought I didn't get the chance to meet him last time when he came back from Russsia, but it's lucky that he's having hols until August, so that means I get to see him at least once!

I do wish I get to go out a little more these hols but unfortunately, going out means eating out too, and I do have the knack of spending quite a considerable sum everytime I venture out of NUS, shopping or not. :( Those nice little trips are quite hard on the pocket after all. I guess I need to restrain my wants a little in this aspect.


  1. *kind note : Tsai Sheng has taken more to "zhat" people beware...=.=|||

  2. LOL - this guy: Give him an inch and he wants a foot. But somehow i can sense that already.