Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopping At Clementi

Today I was so bored, I decided to take a little trip down Clementi myself. I was craving for stationary and a walk you see.

I went to the shop where I usually get my cheaper clothes. They are cheaper because the quality and cutting is not so good you see. But unfortunately, there was nothing nice for me today. I walked round the little square and ended up spending the bulk of my time in Clementi Big Bookshop. There I brought some nice gel pens (6 of them) for a total of $1.80. They smell nice! I spent a whole hour just wandering around in that bookshop (which is not very big).

I always like this bookshop. It has all sorts of stationary that I long to buy but in the end I always end up not getting anything because nothing is cheap. Everything is reasonably priced, but reasonably priced in Singapore isn't enough for me. It always means that I can get the same stuff at a lower price in Malaysia. I was really tempted to buy lots of things, but in the end I was able to restrain myself.

When in bookstores, I frequent the stationary departments but the stationary I find are usually too expensive, not practical and not interesting. That's why I like the Clementi big bookstore, because it has a variety of practically anything. And the reason why I like stationary is they give me a reason to carry out my work more cheerfully. :) That's the reason why I manage to push myself to go to the Central Library in NUS frequently - I know the Co-Op is next to it, and though I rarely buy anything from there, it's fun to just browse.

Besides the bookstore, I went to Ayies too (which sells hair accessories). They had an enormous variety of products also and prices were surprisingly reasonable. I didn't buy anything from there, because I don't have the need yet, but if I want to buy anything to tie, pin or clip my hair, I know where to go to next time.

Ohh, I just added a little doggie player next to my blog. I haven't filled in the songs yet, but there's one soundtrack there already. I got the link from Mable's blog - she has a pink bear so I chose the doggie.

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