Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleepy Days

These days I just keep on feeling so sleepy. Was just telling my friend that if you're sleepy at the beginning of the semester, that means too much of sleep during holidays; but if you're sleepy during the semester, that means too little sleep.

Unfortunately, I think for my case it's the case of too much sleep. I slept a whole lot from last night all the way to this morning because I was feeling that my body was starting to heat up internally the previous day and I don't want to fall sick. Now I have that funny feeling again :(

Nothing too much happened these two days. Phoenix has had its first meeting and through that first meeting I finally had that sense of belonging to Phoenix. The workload is not too bad either, just three articles for one whole academic year! More like writing three project reports (around 5-8 pages), but loads more fun! I know I don't write spectacularly, but I think it's easier to write things from a Year 3 student's point of view rather than from a freshman's. I remember struggling in RH-Ed because of that. And oh! There's no stipulated deadline until next semester! Oh joy! :D If you're Jerome, and you're reading this do note that I'll try and hand in my articles early, and will get things done properly. Haha.

I just gone my lab report done yesterday. Labs are kind of interesting this year. We get to do 'role play' and we rotate four different roles each week: Leader, Experimenter, Analysts, and Researcher. For 5 member-groups like mine, there are two analysts per session (which seems to bring more trouble than convenience). I was leader for the previous report, and the horrors of compiling rojak work was so terrible that I thought I'd rather do discussions instead. LOL

Hmm. Can't think of what update already. It's half way through Week 5 and soon I'll reach recess week which means it's half way through the semester already. I thought I was going to do Industrial Attachment this coming semester, but it turns out that I was allocated to do IA in my final year instead. Trying to appeal for a change now, but might not be able to get it. The prospects of doing IA for half year then returning to do FYP presentation and then graduate doesn't sound quite so fun. But then again, if my performance is good, the company will only have to wait for another half a year for me to work.

Decisions, decisions. Praying and waiting for God's lead.

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