Saturday, November 7, 2009

All-Girls Dinner

We just had an all-girls dinner! Oh well, with the exception of papa Phea, who was actually the main reason why we all went out. He felt weird being the only guy.

Zhi Jun had uploaded this picture on Facebook, and there was a long train of comments underneath by us who were inside. We decided that those of us in school should go out and eat. Haha. I just realized this photo in Phoenix was just taken by my camera.

Miss our year one times when we all always got together for dinners, celebrated birthdays, and frequently met up. Now all of us are so busy that we seldom eat together. So it was quite nice that Phea, Zhi Jun, Wen Qiao, Tirza, Lin Yan and I had dinner together tonight at Clementi. It was fried rice, and bee hoon with clams and it only cost us $3.50 each.

After dinner, we girls shopped like forever in Fair Price while Phea waited outside. He walked home, but we took the bus. Hope we can have get-togethers like this more often, with the rest around. Now I hardly see Alex and Li Wei, and both Swee Yee and Piang Piang are enjoying SEP overseas.

GLCC Campus celebrated Nick and Lydia's birthdays last Friday too. Photos in my Facebook album. I wish I had more time for campus too. Sometimes we really need to fork time out for people and relationships, but school work really drains me out now, and instead of that I have to fork time to sleep! I really need to reorganize myself. :(

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