Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exams are over :)

Exams are over! But I hope I won't get too much of a heart attack after seeing the results. The lecturers were really out to kill this time, and there were many laments of this nature across the whole cohort. Will trust God to keep me whatever the results!

I'm going back tomorrow - Simon's going down KL with Geri so he's fetching me and Jon along too, and he'll send us back home after that. Which means I won't have to be stuck in the train for like 5 hours or so (although a KL trip is longer but it's just a day trip). Thank God for Simon! Luckily I have some ringgit stashed away for use.

Packing the room is so not fun :( Although I could have finished in a very short time I took twice (or thrice) as long then I usually would. And thanks to hall events my t-shirts are multiplying as the years go by. I will have to move all of them and Tirza's things too in the middle of the night or something as today's schedule is packed full. I have a shopping mission (yes it's a mission as well as a leisure), a piano therapy date and Bible study at night.

I'll be having a coffee-free month for now unless I suddenly end up in Starbucks or Coffee been for some unkown reason. I always have anti-coffee roomies! Don't worry Tirza, I haven't been drinking much even during exam period. Been relying on pure excitement and stress to keep my eyes open, mostly.

Holiday plans include
1. Tutoring an SPM student. Muahaha.
2. Joining church Christmas events + serving in church.
3. Going back to SG for company orientation.
4. Trying to come up with an creative something - either song or a short short musical that I'm going to attempt to write myself for fun. So whoever reads this please don't think of asking me to craft anything serious k.
5. Playing piano playing piano playing piano.
6. Slacking +doing miscellaneous stuff at home.
7. Planning my electives.
8. Writing Phoenix articles!!! And I have a writers block once exams are over. Will bombard the people I want to interview with emails by next week.

Actually I have more things to say but I'm going out already. Will contiunue later.

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