Sunday, December 27, 2009

Internet Defamation

Certain issues drove me to google this term, and I did learn that it could be used in a very interesting way. Apparently 'defamation' can be used to term people even when what is 'defamed' is true. I guess it's the nature of the action itself. Defaming.

Long ago I made a promise to this blog not to tarnish it in content by defamation. To keep things clean - because I witnessed first hand how defamation hurt someone and almost broke a friendship - even when that person was unnamed. There was once when I actually did something like that on Facebook - (person unnamed of course) and I immediately cleared things off the screen two seconds after. It was just not worth it.

That's why even when I become an object of internet defamation, I just decided not let it bug me at all. The defamation is the worst offense, and yet it is the best defense. Just by its being there. So there's no need to say much more. Guess most people would understand if they think through these lines carefully. And in the end when you want to let things go when the sun sets, they go easier, instead of the hard way when you have to clear more thorns in front of you before letting go. I guess I do take things the easy way out, as always!

So yes bloggie, this post is to renew the promise I made to you, no internet defamation, be it of an individual or an organization. After all, some things are yours and you treasure them too much to let it be defiled with words. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. It wounds a commoner as ruthlessly as the most evil soldier. And when it wounds in the public, it does affect even more people than it did before. (And that's why I never allow myself to write when I'm really emo. Guess I'm still on the emo side now so I wonder how much poison is still currently in my pen while I'm blogging this.)

There are even more things I never allowed myself to post up here (or even in my private blogs). I do put high priority on my blog and writings and do realize that whatever reasons I write them down for, what I write I remember forever, and they do change my outlook of life a lot (especially when I read my archives). That's why I was so glad that my year one posts were all positive ones. Sometimes I think I would have died from NUS stress if not for my year one personnel who blogged and channeled all needed hope into my year 3 future. (Weird, is it not?) Thank God for that. Maybe I'll need even more of that, when I go out to work.

Now I've deterred from the topic I started off with, and leave of with the theme that the blog actually makes a person, if you're somebody like me who reads archives a whole lot, that is. So yep, do be careful of what you blog about, especially when you rant.

p/s: Oh! Oh I found this link on Wei Lun's blog and it's one of the primary school kids in church - he's actually blogging! You big Kor Kor's and Jie Jie's who don't blog are losing out to him! :) The posts are quite funny and wacky, but my point is, he's actually blogging, and in English too!

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