Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bugged Down

I'm coughing like a machine gun now. I think the coughing virus is conquering Singapore. Every time I cough like this I notice that many people around me are coughing too. Just today when I was on my way back from work, the MRT cubicle I was in had 6 - 7 people (including myself) coughing in chorus, although it was relatively empty (only 5-6 people without seats). I was rather embarrassed to be a contributor to the coughing chorus. However it was interesting to observe the ways different people cough.

This week is supposedly recess week, but like other recess weeks, I feel it is academic-catch-up week. Helping Prof. Lee do that research write-up does affect my timetable a lot. And there's a quiz next week for my level 5 module. Hope it doesn't go too badly.

I took leave yesterday from work because of cough + sore throat, but then my condition was actually a little worse today when I was at work. Still, I'm glad I had the one day break, whether it was uncalled for or not. I slept excessively the whole day and it did my spirits good. At least it took away a large portion of the stress I was under. I was feeling so emo on Sunday that I felt that I would just waste myself away at work. No idea why I was feeling so negative. But today (Tuesday) I felt that I was all-ready to go and work again.

I asked Ah Gong to call me today (he's in Singapore now) and in the end it ended up that both my grandparents asked me to talk as little as possible as a series of coughs erupted after every 5 sentences. :(( It is terrible! And these few days Jon is diligently downing me with all different things he thinks will help me recover from cough, and I took them in a half-awake state of mind haha. It is very nice of him I think. :)) Thank God I hardly coughed when I was lunching with my colleagues. I had my first mooncake of the year too! It was a cempedak mooncake. Felt a bit like ice-cream texture, and overall it was very nice.

On a happier note I had very nice lunches last Saturday and Sunday. Jon's mum came over so we had lunch with his mum and sister. Andrew came to cook also, and after lunch we had that special something I'm severely not allowed to divulge. It was very nice :D And it became my dinner too because there were leftovers. Then for Sunday, we had lunch at burger shack - Jon, me, Irene, Kailing and JonC. Had to wait for JonC for quite a while, but it has really been a long time I've last seen him (in fact the three of them), so it was well worth it lunching together.

I actually had more stuff to say but I can't recall now. That's what happens when you stop blogging for too long T__T.

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