Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've been in Schering-Plough four months already and have personally said goodbye to three colleagues. There are actually more of them who left, but these actually kind of knew me.

The first was a poly student who ended his internship. I rarely talked to him (except 'hi' and 'bye's), but we sort of lunched together the first few weeks I came - because I ate with some of the chemists. Was quite surprised when he actually came to my desk on his last day and announced that he was leaving. So he was the first person I bade farewell too.

The second colleague was a girl my age who worked in the lab - she stopped working because her contract has ended and she has decided to break from work to pursue her degree. I helped her look through her goodbye letter, and am currently taking over some of her work. I still see her in NUS though - she's in my course and year, though we don't have common modules. We are still keeping in touch.

Today one of the trainers left. I never talked much to him either, except during training and he asked me to help his nephew in year one on the bidding system (eventually I didn't need to help). He's a nice guy. Was rather speechless when he came over my desk to say that it was his last day, and shook hands with me. We exchanged well-wishes.

I know it is not quite long before I myself leave Schering-Plough too. Hence I shall decide here and now to do the following when I leave:

1. To say goodbye and thank every person that I know here.
2. To find out the names of more people. I was very enthu about this during the first month, but later faltered. And I realize I still don't know everyone in my office!

Farewells are hard to say. I hope when I leave I'd at least have done something worth remembering to one (or more persons) in Schering-Plough. And I'd really hate to leave because now I feel quite a part of that world already. I just wish I have more work in my hands for now. :p

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