Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exams Are Over

Exams are over and I want to go De-coders! De-coders is a board game cafe. Usually we go for a $8 four-hour session with free flow of drinks. And by now I know how to play quite a number of board games, enough to fill 10 hours of one round each I think! :p I'm seriously a board-game addict. What's more I just saw the alumni gang playing Bang! in the upper lounge two days ago, and I instantly missed Bang! So anyone interested please PM my Facebook account, as long as I'm in Singapore! (Should have min of 4 persons to be fun.) But I'm not going to be free to go out until after next Tuesday evening at least.

I usually don't like talking about my papers after exams, but I quite like the two modules (actually it's three, including IA) I'm taking this semester so here goes! HR is quite heavy for 3 MC, but I don't mind because it's 'my type' of module. Much 'critical thinking' and debating involved. And what I like about it is you can actually disagree (or agree partially, and disagree partially) with the readings and still get high marks if you argue it nicely! I wish I was in some course that would allow me to take this sort of module all the time, but I wonder what career (besides teaching/counselling), would accommodate for this sort of 'thinking skill' all the time? It doesn't seem very useful for a full-time job.

The other module I'm taking is a level 5, on Downstream Processing of Biochemical Products. The module is nice, the workload is OK, the professor teaches well. HOWEVER, we are taking with a bunch of Master's students, and other undergraduates who are star-learners. Mid-terms are awfully tricky and I died in them. The term paper was OK for me, and for everyone else. The final paper was OK too, just that from my postulation, half the class would have the capability to score 100% for it, and unfortunately that doesn't include me! But oh well, it could have gotten much worse, so thank God for the finals! I really like this module from the bottom of my heart - it's just that bell curves are cruel things most of the time in Chem Eng modules.

IA is going to end in another month, and I have a load of preparatory work to do before ending it. For instance, I believe my supervisor deserves a really nice souvenir for all the love she put in coaching me! And I don't know how, but I do plan to do something for each person I know too because they've all been so nice! But how to do something nice for everyone and at the same time make it cost effective? I have this LONG list of names I've compiled, and I have only one month to think of what to do. T__T

And yup, on top of IA at the back of my mind I still have to take care of my research with Prof Lee. Next year is Design Project semester and Final Year Project Presentation. They do have to end our final semester with a big bang like this. Then after that graduation! And a new myriad of possibilities ahead of me.

Yesterday when I was studying, my mind couldn't just stick in one place, and I was fleetingly thinking of a range of interesting part-time jobs I wish I could do if there is an opening, and the pay was decent. There are things I feel that would be really fun to do if they could feed me at least before I get a proper job. Some of them are here:

1. Do translation (preferably from Chinese to English) for a drama series/ movie! I don't know how this pays, but some of the translations I've seen are really horrible, and I believe I could do a way better job than that. And it would be fun too. Book translations are welcome too.

2. Tutor a kid who genuinely wants to learn. Music or school-work (which is not beyond my capabilities). I actually love to teach you see. Especially subjects like History, basic Biology, and maybe essay writing.

3. This is not exactly a job - but I want to join some short-term mission trip or something - local or overseas. I seriously lack experience from serving in this field! No payment required - I'm willing to dig my pocket money out for this (provided that the cost is not explosive).

4. Teach a kid/adult how to improvise in music lessons. Must be willing to learn, easy to teach AND not take my efforts for granted. Unfortunately, you need to pay for this though. :p

5. Play board games and get paid? No such dream job in existence though. T__T

6. Some methodological sai-kang work (maybe for a few days only) - such as packing goodie bags, data entry, documentation work, report writing, grammar checking for thesis only. Must be a well-paid sai-kang job. :p

That's about what I can think off at the moment. Now to get out of dreamland and back to research work. :D


  1. congrats on finishing your papers haha... :p

  2. Hehe thanks zjun! jiayou for yours - don't spend too much time watching matches :p