Sunday, November 14, 2010

Between Week 13 and Reading Week

As I've mentioned many, many times, this is the first time my exams end in reading week itself! Unfortunately I can't lie back and enjoy after that, because I still have to rush Prof. Lee's research project, and of course work from Mondays to Fridays (without early leave for lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays).

Still, I will miss my IA a lot when it's over. :( My supervisor is really very nice, appreciative, and understanding; and I do like the people and the working environment in SP. Every time I feel like 'oh no, I'm going to mess this up...', people there are just so ready to teach and put you at ease when you're doing things you've never done before. If my future working environment is like this (provided that I have a little more assignments than I already have), it would be perfect!

HR project is officially over, ending with a class presentation and a class photo. Behold myself and my group members. :p Really learned much about communication, and people management through this project. It was really messed up with a lot of subtle conflicts, and everything was extra difficult because everyone was friends with each other. But we did end on amicable terms, and the preparation process for the presentation was quite fun. My greatest regret for this project is probably the fact that I didn't get to talk to Fuchao much and only knew how to write his Chinese name after the presentation.

Just want to specially appreciate YH for his honesty throughout the project, and Mei for sharing all the same burdens and frustrations with me, and for being so supportive. Also, our HR lecture, for being so nice and caring towards her students (she really goes out of the way to do so), for teaching us so many salient applications of communication and people management, and for making everything so fun :) She even gave us a bar of Toblerone each!

Our group members (in no particular order in the photo): Yew Hong, Fuchao, Kasun, Mei, Wendy, Shi Hui and myself.

Yesterday there was this email about our design project group allocation rules, and everyone went into a frenzy with group formations. Trust Chem Engineer wannabes like us to give such instantaneous reaction towards updates like this. The domino effect was, I had to start asking around too as I was always one of those left-behinds who 'filled in the gaps' and was grouped with random people in technical group projects. Decided to take the first offer available for safety's sake, and I was really happy that Anna called me just now. My being glad was not so much that I had a group at last (though yes, I was happy to have something definite like this to hang on to), but it was rather because I was accepted so appreciatively. And I really thank God for a very important reminder that she gave me regarding my perspective of the group work, or even school work as a whole.

Exams are on Thursday and Saturday - so I'd better continue bucking up for both papers! Hopefully I'll make the fullest of my school life before I graduate. :)

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