Thursday, November 4, 2010


We had our LKK Getai performance two days ago! LKK = Lao Kok Kok by the way, a term coined by Raffles Hall Final Years, for ourselves.

It was fun to work with our Block 6 Gang again (that's how we coined the gang in Year 1). Not everyone who was originally inside is still around. And there were some of us who joined in and somehow we formed this big group and we did a skit to spoof on certain key hall personnel. I loved the fact that we all got to work together to prepare something like this.

At first I thought the performance was going to be horribly lame - mainly because we lack contributions of talented script writers. Piang did the front part, and I did the back part (that was the lame part) on the Q&A. I am not made to write witty dialogues, at least not formally on paper. I still remember in Year One where Boss mentioned that it was a pity that my sabo skills did not make its way into my writings for RH-Ed. The articles I wrote were very descriptive, but however, boringly politically correct.

Anyway, the audience liked our performance! Thanks to everyone who let their hair down. It is something I still can't do, despite it being my fourth year in RH. But I really do admire people who can do so.

I really admired the spirit of those who contributed a whole lot of time and effort to our Getai. It required sacrifice, and it was that sacrifice that brought about its success. I remembered poor Gant and Brian leading the meeting despite the reluctant expressions of our semi-bored seniors. It is really because of people putting effort into hall, that hall can reach new heights every year.

I collected my Phoenix Magazine today. It had three (lengthy) articles of mine inside. My writing style had not evolved much from Year One. That was why I thought it was more apt for me to write for Phoenix rather than RH Ed. But it seemed like now RH Ed has evolved to adopt political correctness also, and is now part of Phoenix. However, I saw one distinct difference from the way I write now, than the way I used to write. Instead of merely shedding stuff in a positive light, my thoughts are more critical now than it used to be. The difference is really very subtle, but I really felt it was there as I read through my writings.

My favorite part of the magazine must have to be the two pages nearing the end where Pei Yiing drew a two page spread of her design memories in hall. Those colors and pictures really brought back a line of memories since Year One, and it should be even more so for her as they reflected her actual experiences. The pages where the Final Year comments really left me thinking: What is hall to me now... and how has it shaped my life?

I have detached myself from Hall too long to answer this question, although I am physically within it. Hall is merely a definition of the memories between me and my close block mates; as well as the friends I made through activities, some who are still in Hall, others who are not. As I approach my last semester in Hall, should I play my role differently to be more involved, or just stick within the little circle I'm comfortable in? I'm still not sure. Uni life is a tug-of-war of commitments and priorities. I need much wisdom to make the right choices.

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