Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last First Week

This is the end of the last first week of school (no Friday classes). And I just found out that my Design project is 5 MC instead of 8 which I initially envisioned it to be. That means I'm only taking 15 MC worth of modules this semester. It does make me wish that I could take more. But then again, the remaining one module's time can go to job-hunting, doing more work for all my other modules, and doing stuff that I love.

Maybe I need more time to prepare myself for the road ahead too. I'm going to work hard for this semester's design project. To feel what it's like when you have a chemical engineering project in hand, and to be so near to being an engineer at least once in my life. :D

Modules are OK so far, stuffed with biology stuff, and chemical structures for once. Everything is fine for the first week. Life was pretty tranquil, apart from an email for Anna to give us the group's week one assignment for design project. And besides the fact that I still need to update my TB write-up and handle CNY songs for Andrew.

I attended this semester's first RHCME meeting. It was all random jamming and noise, but it was fun, apart from everything being quite messy. I always loved our practices. I may feel super reluctant to come down each time but every time I'm in the band room I don't feel like leaving. Now my biggest challenge is to find out what a Gu Zheng sounds like, find out what it's scores look like, and write Chinese songs for CNY for it. Been Googling CNY songs because of that, and I feel that M-girls really have potential, their acting is relatively natural compared to some other singers of their age. At least their producers have, they managed to synchronize all the movements, and dresses so that each time the girls look fresh. But still it's Malaysia - and so they are not really making it big here.

End with two versions of the song 雨天. I like both versions but Mable only likes the guy-version (which is not the original haha), because she doesn't like Stephanie Sun's pronunciation. I'm neutral regarding that though, but I agree that the non-original version does have a larger dose of emotions in it. Don't really like his facial expression though. But still, if it's really natural - it can't be helped.

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