Friday, January 14, 2011

More Youtube songs!

I like how the composition method of this form! Not easy to write something for one guy to 'duet' with three girls leh. And if your name is Mable Lee, and you're reading this - you might or might not know, but that guy is the first runner up from that particular year of 超级星光大道! And his singing is actually quite good (towards the end). You might want to Youtube some of his songs too.

And this is one of the series of M-girls CNY songs I was talking about. I was more interested in the dresses they had than the singing though - they are pretty unique. And I like the way they do up their hair when they are wearing the traditional costumes! Quite different from the type they do on TV. Quite a nice watch. I have forgotten most of those CNY songs already - but I guess I will copy this for our CME CNY performance. Now the challenge is getting those parts written out!

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