Friday, January 21, 2011

My last Week 2 in NUS

It has been a very busy week, and I'm anticipating more it to be worse next week due to multiple conflicting demands.

Design project planning and execution has been going on in full blast. None of the project mates I have now had I worked with before, though I know Anna and Jillian quite well from MSD. However, we are getting along quite well, and I hope we will be close by the time the project is over. I think I like all of them :)

The paper Mei and I have been working on for Prof Lee is hopefully going to be over soon. Thank God for Bevan being really considerate and understanding, saying that he'll forward our workload concerns to Prof. Lee. I like Bevan because he is not just someone who wants results, he cares about what we're doing at school and bothers to chat with us too. And Prof. Lee has been very understanding as well throughout the past year.

Other modules are kind of being side-lined at the moment, except for graded tutorial-preparation. Hope mid terms are not too cruel on us final years. I'm sort of arranging CNY songs on Sibelius for Andrew. It has been some time since I did song arranging, but it's fun! :) Other things to be busy about include preparing for Career Fair and the never-ending job-hunt. Hopefully I get to survive next week!

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