Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thought Transfer

I just transferred my archives again for my blog at Windows Live Spaces. Reason being Windows Live Spaces is going to be converted to WordPress anyway and if I don't transfer I will lose all my archives. And whether you view this as being narcissistic or not, I treasure all my archives, and don't want to lose them. However, I lost my beloved green-tea theme that I have stuck with for years, AND the list of blog links I have compiled across the years. :( I haven't settled down with a new theme though.

Now I'm trying to get my review paper write-out out before holidays end. Thank God for EndNote. Why did EndNote not exist in my life years earlier?! It would have made citations a breeze. :( Well, better late then never. For the sake of myself, and those whose fate is tied with this review paper, I will get this out no matter what!

Mable is going off to INTI tomorrow. Makes me wish I could start Year One, or even Secondary One all over. It really feels weird to only have one more semester of school life left only! But then again, I'm not getting younger, so I'd better start working instead. Hope working life won't be too bad. As for tomorrow, it will spent loading and unloading, cleaning, hanging, and saying goodbye to all her toys.

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