Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to Singapore

Have been back to Singapore quite a few days ago. Quite a number of things happened. We had a wonderful Bible Study on Friday. Watched several short documentary videos of archaeological visits to Israel. I loved the faith lessons gleaned. The lesson of 'first fruits' - the Israelites gave the first fruits that came out from the harvest unto the Lord, in faith that He will give more. Imagine your crops are just starting to produce - and you give ALL of them up - knowing in faith that be there hail, storm, or dry seasons: God will still provide. The way the priests stepped foot-first into the quick waters of the Jordan river, after which only did the waters part. Giving God what is God's and the consequences of those who don't (the walls of Jericho which fell were Israel's first fruits of invasion, and as cursed, the builder lost his first and youngest son when the rebuilding of that wall started). Being set apart as God's people, and the consequence of Christians who don't want themselves to be seen, leading a safe and 'normal' life.

It was a joy seeing all campus peeps again for BS, supper, and lunch this afternoon. Simon, Tirza, Justin, JonC, Anne, Alicia, Andrew, Joanne. I miss Stacey though! I have been very touched by her care and concern for me especially throughout this particular year and the one that has passed.

All the lessons learned during Friday's BS has touched my heart and hit at the right places. And yes, promises I've been holding on to began to fruit, even this week. My ex-supervisor from my internship company had contacted me herself on the very night I came back to Singapore, offering to help me lookout for various positions. And after consulting a number of people, there's a vacancy for me in a laboratory which I'm familiar with. I can't say 'I have a job' now as it is still yet to be confirmed. It's still up to God whether this job is for me or not: because what is not mine is not going to be mine, if its not in His favor. But I will learn to wait, and give him my patience and faith.

Even IF i don't get this job, I am thankful for my supervisor's thoughts and love for me. I knew my working under her was no mistake. There were many many unknown complications in my IA selection that eventually led me to MSD and to her. I rejected two organizations which I initially planned to work with, but events intervened and I ended up there. I wondered 'why this position', and 'why this organization that is now downsizing', but it led up to this. And even if I don't get this job in the end: I know there's one He intends for me down the road. I am just very thankful to have worked under someone who cares for me as 'myself', instead of just as 'another student'.

And ohhhh in the spirit of randomness - Jerome bought Jon & me SABOTEUR from Europe! It's in Germany but it's a very nice and fun game! THANKEW JEROME :D :D

We sang this song in church today. The story of the cross may be old, but it is timeless. It touches hearts and changes lives even till today.

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