Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interview Prep Phase One

I'm kind of preparing for an interview to work for real in the organization I was once attached to as an intern. And guess how I'm preparing for it? By going through all my industrial attachment reports. :p

While our reports were not actually graded (industrial attachment is a pass/fail module), I was glad that I really did those properly. Now I can remember everything I observed from the organization, the conclusions I draw, the emotions I felt, the aspirations I had, the persons who helped me (I listed down all their names and help offered in alphabetical order down the 'Acknowledgements' page). There were things I forgot, and remembered all over again. There were emotions which only an intern can feel, and this intern has to remind the full-time-worker-to-be, how to work with a sense of mission, how to aim higher and not merely look at salary and benefits.

I miss intern life, it has its ups and downs, but it was the period which I felt that I really did my best, gave my best; and was appreciated. I'm very glad for my IA reports :)

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