Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home Last Week, and other random stuff.

I went home last Friday - or to be more precise, the train left around 12 am on Saturday. Spent about a day and a half in Tampin celebrating my birthday, and just hanging around at home.

It was very tiring to travel back in the middle of the night (poor Daddy had to wake up to fetch me). I tried not to sleep to much during the day but in the end I spent 3 hours napping in the afternoon. :S So much for thinking that my new working schedule ( 9 am - 5 pm as of now), has reduced my need for naps. When shifts start, naps will be THE way of life.

I have decided to find a way to avoid train trips from Tampin back to Singapore in the future. I don't mind enduring it all the way back home (5 hours and maybe more for a 3 hour trip), because it's easy for Daddy to come out and fetch me, but I don't see a point spending 7 hours travelling back (door to door), and having to wake up as early as 5.50 am the next morning.

Anyway that aside. I think I like my job! It's not something usual in a sense that doing lab work is not one of my core competencies (if I have any, that is). Documentation is, but testing is not. I need to always be very, very cautious. Everything must be done in the first run (or else). And my supervisor is really very careful with paperwork (and everything else). He's a very good role model. But that means that he would expect the chemists in the lab to be likewise - which is in a sense rather stressful. But still, he's a nice superior to work with.

I think my colleagues is the reason why I don't have Monday blues (at least till now). They are fun and friendly people. :D

Oh yes. Something I always wanted to blog about long ago. I was stuck with manga 'Liar Game' a month ago. Watched the movie, and finished reading the manga (up to the latest version which was done about one year ago). Would highly recommend this for people who like thinking. Lots of delicious intellectual twists here and there (though quite predictable), and interesting characters. The full version of the manga can be found online.

Okies that's all for this post. Tomorrow I'll need to be up 10 min earlier than usual so as not to miss the orientation bus (you are not expected to understand this term).

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