Friday, October 21, 2011


Sometimes, I just get too preoccupied in counting my blessings, that I forget - what God has gracefully given to me, He also has the right to take away. And these blessings are so beautiful, at times, they hurt when they are taken away. But what right have I to keep what's not mine in the first place?

I'm a person who stays within her comfort zone, and feel most secure there. But being in a comfort zone doesn't give much room for steps or leaps of faith.

So, one day, when this place feels too comfortable, it might be time to leave. I just feel like I could sit in this spot for years, not wanting to move, for all I want I have now, and I am contented. But one needs to be contented whatever his/her lot, for God always gives one enough, and beyond that.

Till the time of change, I pray that I wait and be prepared. When His work is done here, I move on.

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