Monday, April 16, 2012

Housing Blues

Perhaps the next thing I dislike next to job-hunting is house-hunting.

This house-hunting phase is going to start very soon, and my tentative browsing through has not been promising. The rates now are sky high, and I'll probably have to end up paying at least another $200 - $300 above my current rate for a housing space at least 3 times smaller than what I'm staying in now. Those numbers instantly made me consider staying on my current shift cycle for another few years. 

This makes me love 30J Kovan to bits despite having to travel around 3 hours daily back and forth work which I'm already used to doing. It doesn't mean that my travelling time would be cut down that much after moving out either. And the big question now is: where to move out to? The search, the liaising, the on-site viewing, and the MOVING. Can't believe how my stuff and Jon's have multiplied like rabbits across this one year. Two good examples would be out TV screen and keyboard. And tonnes of crockery besides.

Also, directing my company bus driver to my place which will be a pain as I'd probably not know how to get back home from Tuas, especially if I'm not the first to be driven back and the person before me is sent back to a location I'm not familiar with. Our bus drivers are no taxi drivers, and half of them are not local. :(

So many things to prep and consider and think about! And people to liaise with. We haven't even finalized our house-mates list.

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