Saturday, April 6, 2013

My long break

One day of annual leave, followed by two days of off-rest and five days of mc (wisdom teeth extraction).

Would spare you the gory details of my extraction and recovery (probably not that gory if you are away from my perspective but I was really freaked out). And it's the first time of my life I've been stitched!

Caught up with my lag in my one year Bible reading at home. Jon treated me like a princess which I am really thankful for. Plastered tissue boxes and waste bins everywhere, stocked the fridge with yoghurt and ice cream, crushed my pills, cooked porridge, and took leave to spend time with me. Then there was these rush of SMS's checking in on how I was and saying stuff like 'you're so brave! Two at a go!' When in actual fact I was forced to go through it. What can one do with two threatening decaying teeth of wisdom right? Anyway I do feel really blessed.

Tomorrow is back to work season but I really hope it can be back to eat soon. Not that I crave eating normal food as much, but rather I crave the normal sensation of 'being able to eat in the ordinary way again'. Though I'm glad I'm far from the stage now when I tearfully swallowed my first meal of ice cream (my favorite food, imagine!), I still long for my tongue to be free again and that flap at the side to close up so that I could eat other things without worrying I will hurt myself too. 能吃是福。真的。

I've been thinking about other things to but some thoughts and postulations should best be kept to myself till they are confirmed to be reality. Dear God, Thy will be done in every station, and all things will work for the good for us who love You. Be merciful to those outside Your kingdom too, that they may experience this love and goodness of Yours. Not in abundance or security in the things of this life but everlasting security and assurance in You.

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