Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 June 2009

Today's post is just a random number of things passing through my mind.

Firstly I'm not happy because after thinking through a whole lot of things in my mind in the bathroom, I realized that I'm still a very cranky person. And although I've tried to control and manage my anger most of the time, I didn't notice I had never bothered to stop crankiness. The difference between those: Anger is the emotion lashed out at others because they do something negative to you. Crankiness is simply being angry or fed up with others because of circumstances that inflict myself. The latter is more subtle, and alas, it is the 'greater sin', I feel. It's like being angry at people for no reasons of their cause as well.

Sigh. Just when I thought I am so disliking putting up with crankiness, I find out that I'm very much a culprit of it myself.

Anyway, for the happier things :) Cikgu Teoh added me on Facebook! Somehow I found it very surprising that he actually had a facebook account - I mean so far only Ling Xuan (his daughter) has one, but not even his son has. And he even has photos in it now, so lovely :)

And yay, Zhi Jun is updating her blog for two consecutive days! I suppose it means that she's very sien but at least I guess I have more entries to read. Hehe.

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