Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OMC, My Laptop and Central Library

Yes, these three probably sum up how I spend my days.

OMC = RHOM = Raffles Hall Orientation Marketing Comm. We had a meeting yesterday and I felt that I was suddenly left with nothing much to do. The CDs were going to cost a bomb and by tomorrow if no one sends in replies to me I'm going to have to call again. I'm try going to help Float instead once in a while but I feel lazy today, so I'll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday I did one of my biggest bouts of callings. It was funny how those company representatives kept on reminding me that there's recession now. Well, it might be recession but some sponsorship needs do remain needs in the end. That makes me feel more and more thick-faced when I'm sourcing for materials somehow. Fortunately there's less work to do this semester compared to last year. I should be pleased but somehow I wish there was more to do. I loved working with the team last year, it was so bonding and fun.

There are just a few sites I frequent in the internet these days. Youtube. Restaurant city - I maxed all my recipies a few levels ago and it's pretty fun now just turning it on and letting things run. Just have to feed my employees once in a while (for those who know what I'm talking about). All the same it's rather boring too.

Central library is quite far off from hall now - with the infrequent busses (especially weekends), and the closing of of the front path of the hall. It means that if I'm to walk there I'll have to make one big circle around the hall to do it. Sigh. Yet it is my favorite place to visit these hols. It's weird - last time it was holidays and they had to make us take our temperature before going in. Now H1N1 has actually invaded NUS (8 cases), and no one's taking our temperature. In fact I couldn't even access the website that we were supposed to record our temperatures in.

Anyway I like Central library. I'm already borrowing all sorts of murder and detective stories plus Roald Dahl books. I know NUS is all academic and research, but I do wish they would have more nice fictional stories - like romance novels and the lot. Well, I guess I shouldn't be complaining - at least I have some short stories to read now.

I wanted to go and walk about quite a lot these hols, but looks like H1N1 is saving me all my transport fares. With it being around like this in NUS, I fear the best option is to stay in my room to study for next sem, play computer games or watch movies.

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