Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little pains

I was just talking to God.

And I just realized that it is blessed to be able to feel those little pains in our lives - small minor unhappiness that do not turn your life topsy-turvy, yet still manage to affect you a little. It shows that my emotional nerves are still sensitive - and this only means that there are no major wounds that cause great pain there. For if there is great pain in my life, the little ones wouldn't matter, they wouldn't even be felt at all.

I hope I am making myself understandable.

It's just like doing a school project. When it's almost done, you tweak it here and there to make it perfect. You refine all the minor details. But when it's totally undone and the deadline is near, all you want to do is hand something up. And you don't really care how well 'something' is done as long as you have something to hand up (reminds me of last sem).

To be able to care about little details, even the negative ones, is a blessing indeed. It means you've got the greater things all covered. And when you look back after some time, you realize that it is the big things that really matter.

Learning to thank God for little pains and aches (even those inflicted on myself by me, which hurt the most). And learning the cherish this time too, where all still counts as bliss, and God's blessings come in the form of abundance and fulfillment.

Usually things like this should appear in my diary and not in my blog. But alas, I have yet to unpack my diary. I miss my diary! Yet unpacking it will clutter up my room much further, and it is a sacrifice I have yet to be able to make. You see, even my printer is not out yet.

Let's talk about happier things :) Worship practice! Went there today with Alicia, Andrew and Jon. It was fun. I get to know more of the Youth now in the second practice, and though we're a bit like oil and water, I think they are very sociable and fun. I love the songs. And I realize there's really a lot of good singers among the Youth too.

That's all of today's entry I think. I wish I could write more, but my ability to express hasn't really been back yet.


  1. Just wanted to say, this post bout little pains really strike a chord inside me. You did make yourself understandable and i fully agree with what you say.

  2. Huimin is viewing my blog! Yay :) Thanks for the comment.

  3. my mom told me last time that i shouldn't complain i have a big nose because the big nose was what i got instead of a non-working nose. haahaha.

    i'm not sure if that is related...

    but i think i know what you mean. it's really a thing to be grateful for. thanks so much for letting me store my things in your room! i hope they are not getting in the way too much.

    jia you with omc work :)

  4. Thanks Tirza! Don't worry your things are ok :)

  5. Ooo, so I'm not the only one with big nose (or rather nose that gets in the way much too often)... :-p

  6. Ya it's still getting in the way LOL.