Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back In Singapore

I'm back in Singapore and RH now. Got a room at Block 5, room 5-217. It's a double room but I'm currently the only occupant there. Wonder when my unknown roomie would suddenly pop in. Somehow I always get double rooms that act like single double rooms. LOL.

More than half my stuff is still unpacked and are in Jon's room. I've just got enough things around me to live by (except paper).

The train trip back was quite tiring. Couldn't really sleep well on the train, partially because I was feeling really homesick then. Was crying on and off in the first few hours of the trip. Must be partly the effect of the nice dinner Po Po cooked for me before I left.

RHOM hasn't started working yet. Lucky people who got the first half of the vacation! Some of them practically had nothing to do. And I can foresee that in the weeks to come, those of us who are here are going to have a really awful time sourcing for all those float materials. The list comes late, they rush us for materials, we rush the sourcing, they rush the work. Without freshies, together with the slow rate the materials come in, I wonder if they could even finish things on time. They are going to need a lot of hands indeed.

I went to the Central Library again, and did a bit of self-studying. Next semester's materials require a firm grounding of basic understanding, and hopefully I get to bursh up my basics before school starts! I was quite disappointed when I had my lunch at YIH. They took my favorite cheese/mushroom omelette off the menu (and it was only $1.50), and left other items with increased food prices :( Don't think I'll be eating much over there again.

RHOM will have our first meeting tomorrow. Hope all will turn out well. Meanwhile I shall enjoy the nice Agatha Christie murder mysterey I managed to borrow from the library. I'm jolly lucky to have in my hands one of the very few stories she wrote from the Central Library. I wonder why they don't keep the whole set! Furthermore, the cover looks really unimpressive, just a black hardcover book - in contrast to those nice glossy covers of the copies found in my secondary school library. Well, I guess in the end it's the contents that matters!

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